Cooperative Development
Cooperative societies are found to be viable entities that could help promote VSLA activities. The financial elements of the VSLA's have served as an anchor to the cooperative interventions. WIDO VSLA's have received recognition by participating in the cooperative registrations which have legal acknowledgement from government.

WIDO have developed cooperatives that promote Shea inventory, farming and Shea product development, the cooperative groups have been developed into viable entities that negotiate very well for their products.

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Producer Group Development
WIDO have identified Shea kernel production and Shea butter processing as some of the principal enterprise areas for meeting its objective of rural economic development. WIDO's midterm strategy is to build the capacities of Shea women groups to produce quality Shea kernels and butter. Producer group's capacities have been development in Shea kernel production, quality Shea production, warehouse management and skills in Shea inventory credit, group development. These groups have been trained and receive certification from the department of cooperative

Strengthening capacities of producer groups
WIDO provide orientations to seventy community groups with the aims of supporting women groups to stockpile Shea nuts in the early parts of the season (May/June or July), which will be held in a joint stock management system and sold out to a buyer in an agreed month at the going market price (or other mutually beneficial terms pre-agreed between the groups and big buyer).

Value Chain Development
WIDO is one of the local NGO that carries out agricultural value chain programme with small farmers and women as the target group. Under this programme WIDO has successfully facilitating the establishment of cooperatives that mobilises the produce of small farmers and find markets for the produce of small farmers in Techiman. The cooperatives societies equally process some product into finished product for the benefits of their communities.

Product Development
Five women groups within the operational areas are Shea butter producers; these women have created employment for about twenty five women who earns living through soap making, pomade and lip balm. WIDO have also equipped two women groups with Shea processing equipment's to facilitate Shea processing.



Producer Group


Strengthening Capacities

Of producer groups

Value Chain Development

Product Development

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