WIDO has made HIV/AIDS response a top priority in its program.
The HIV/AIDS big goal is to reduce the impact of HIV/AIDS on children. The organization implements the following programs.

Prevention among 9-18 year old children;
Under this, peer educations in Junior and Senior High schools have trained  and children given value-based life skills needed for prevention of HIV/AIDS.

Care and support for OVC/PLWHAS;
Community led care coalitions have been formed and are providing home-based care aand support to nearly 474 Orphans and vulnerable children(OVC) and people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHAS) the organisations support the payment of fees, provision of education materials, food supplements, checkups, immunization, access to Anti-Retrieval Therapy(ART)

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The aim of WIDO is to improve the living standard of rural poor on a sustainable and participatory basis.


Partnership with Ghana AIDS Commission;
Leaders of faith based organization(FBO) have been sensitized on HIV/AIDS to facilitate their respons to it, creative supportive environment to minimize spread of HIV/AIDS, Advocacy program involving children are being carry out.

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