Partnership with Amnesty International
Partnership with Amnesty International seeks to bring education of human rights to the door steps of the rural poor. This has gone a long way to help poor people demanded and claimed their human rights. Every given person needs quality human resource for development and quality human resource is dependent on sound mind and respect for human rights. Ghana since independence has had a number of policies implemented to ensure the respect for rights to the citizenry without any form of discrimination by service providers; however, the situation is not the same in the remote areas compelling for such educations undertaken by WIDO

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WIDO in partnership with the corneils family in Belgium
has improved productive income levels and livelihood of two community group in Naro nad Buu. The purpose of the project is to create employment among the rural poor families, by increasing the income level of rural women through Shea butter production. The project also addresses the drudgery women go through in Shea butter production as the source of livelihood and major income activities for women by providing them with shea processing machines.

WIDO equality effect
WIDO in partnership with the equality effect has conducted education on sexual harassment/marital rape in 8 communities in the Nadowli district in the Upper West region of Ghana. WIDO worked with 16 pressure groups located within 8 communities with a total of 520 beneficiaries. The project provided beneficiaries with information  on marital rape laws in Ghana and skills in standing up for women's rights, giving voice to the voice less and protecting and respecting wives and women in Ghana. The project has protected eight women from sexual violence since its inception; women have demanded their rights to autonomy, informed consent, reproductive health choices including abortions. Women are able to report abused cases of rape to the policies and can now make assertive decisions.

WIDO undertake intensive and extensive advocacy to generate and increase in awareness of support for policies and laws relating to Adolescence reproductive health rights (ARHR), Agriculture policies and fair trade in Ghana among the general public, policy makers and particularly communities of WIDO project area

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